Concrete reinforcing steel

Our concrete reinforcing steel is sold by Lech-Stahl Vertrieb GmbH (LSB) in Meitingen. Rebars with a diameter ranging from 8 to 32 mm are manufactured with the Thermex process. Since the heat treatment is done using heat from the hot-rolling process, the result is a considerable energy saving.
Rebars are essential to the construction of every building since they help bear the load of it and must therefore be 100% reliable. That's why their characteristics have to be accurately controlled. Lech-Stahlwerke’s concrete reinforcing steel is checked in a testing centre established specifically for this purpose. This automatic testing unit for ribbed steel bars includes sawing of the steel, determination of the metrical weight, rib measurement and tensile strength testing. Our concrete reinforcing steel complies with the DIN 488 standard and meets all requirements for the mechanical properties prescribed for this kind of steel.

We currently have European approvals for the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • France
  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

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Product range

The following nominal diameters are available:


Our rebars are primarily used in the following sectors: