Our concept

Our aim is to produce steel always paying attention to the welfare of the society in which we live. Especially today, this means to contribute actively to the preservation of our environment. These goals are at the core of the commitment of all our employees:


We firmly believe that it is possible to create our own future together with our customers and suppliers.


Our performance can be measured. Our steel conforms to the highest quality standards. We achieve through a comprehensive Quality Concept at all stages of production.


The important role played by research, the accent on technological progress and decades of experience enable us to provide our customers with the best possible products and service they can find on the market.


Situated in the Federal “Land” of Bavaria, Lech-Stahlwerke is a considerable economic factor in the Augsburg area. With about 700 employees and a constant number of trainees we are among the largest employing companies in the region.


100% recycling means sustainability and resource conservation achieved through a closed loop recycling management. Our motto is "good life, stability and ongoing development".


The expertise of our employees and their professional approach are the keys to our success. Our employees play an important role in putting into practice our company’s philosophy.